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Headlight Cleaning in Corona

At Corona Car Wash, we are pleased to offer you headlight cleaning in Corona, California, and we use the best products to make sure we do the job right. That's why we use sandpaper so that we can remove all the excess oxidation on your headlights.

After the sandpaper, we apply polish to the headlights and finish the job with a buffing machine. This process ensures your headlights will not need to be cleaned again for at least six months.

Headlight Restoration

Is it time for headlight restoration from Corona Car Wash? Are your headlights yellow and cloudy?

The sun's UV rays can cause your headlights to break, and this will lower the value of your car if you decide that you want to sell it later. You have the option of purchasing "headlight restoration kits" that you can find at automotive stores. These products work, but they are only a temporary solution.

The special process that we undertake can bring your headlights back to their original condition. Our unique process protects your headlights from the elements and ensures that they look new for several years to come.

Keep in mind that the overall quality and appearance of your finished lenses will vary depending on the condition and age of your vehicle. The price for having your headlights restored is $30 per headlight. Contact us to make an appointment today.

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