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Convenient Corona Shopping for Snacks, Car Air Fresheners, and More

When it comes to cleaning cars in Corona, nobody does it better than us. We focus on making your entire visit worthwhile, including your brief wait during the wash and detail. While we do our work, feel free to stop by Corona Car Wash’s on-site shop for car air fresheners and other car accessories.

The products we sell at the shop are a great way to make the benefits of your wash and detailing last.

Our air fresheners keep your car smelling like new, floor mats protect your car’s carpeting, and steering wheel covers elevate your dashboard’s appearance. If you are looking for a way to pass the time during your visit, our store sells for snacks, drinks, toys, and other gifts for all ages. You and your family can relax until we finish cleaning and beautifying your vehicle.

Now Providing CBD Oil for Pain Relief

While our car air fresheners and accessories help your car look like new, the Corona Car Wash shop wants you to feel like new, too. Few obstacles are as debilitating as chronic pain, and we want to make sure you are comfortable, pain-free, and fully able to enjoy your newly detailed vehicle. We now provide CBD oil and topical pain relief creams.

CBD oil is an herbal remedy that helps with pain management. The topical creams are over-the-counter treatments we ourselves trust.

By offering both a natural remedy and a clinically formulated treatment, we help our guests overcome aching joints and sore muscles.

From keeping your car clean to supplying additional wellness products, Corona Car Wash is committed to you and your vehicle’s well-being. Visit us today for a cleaner car and a convenient shopping experience.

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